Maria Ledger - Healer

Hi my name is Maria Ledger. I was born a natural healer, which I wasn’t aware of. How I found out was, I started going to a spiritual church and a message came to me through a medium, from my Uncle Ray. He said I was to do healing, that’s what my life purpose is on the earth plain. I love to help the community and I would help the world if I could. I looked at many different courses and intuitive healing caught my eye, I did the course and got an accredited diploma.

A brief description of what I do is, I work on the spirit body which is our souls. I cleanse and balance the Chakra, then I channel healing from the universe through my hands into spirit body, which bring relaxation, peace and balance. Many of my friends have had different experiences but feel wonderful afterwards.


My qualification is an Accredited Diploma CPD.  I practice tarot cards and healing and find both to be great fun, and give you an insightful look at what is going on in your life. I always work with my cards in a positive way as I feel that is what the cards are telling me. I can do readings over the phone or face to face, and by email also. I can give you a message for the day or do many different readings for many different situations. Give it a go and you may be surprised!

I am based in High Wycombe, for directions or any further information please see my contact page.


143a Arthur Road

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